State Financial Reports

For Finance Department

For Departments [HODs/DDOs]

  • State Level Queries without public account
  • State Level Queries with public account
  • Graphical Queries without public account
  • New
  • Reserve Bank Deposits [Net Cash Outgo]
  • P/NP HOD Wise Allocation & Expenditure
  • P/NP Demandwise Allocation & Expenditure
  • Head Wise Receipt Comparision of two FinYear
  • HOD Wise Drill Down Expenditure Detail
  • Drill Down Head Wise Receipt Detail
  • For Budget/Tribal Development etc.
  • Demand Wise Expenditure
  • Demand Wise Budget Allocation
  • For Works Department (LOC Cheques).
  • DDO Wise Cheque Issue
  • For HODs
  • HOD Wise Budget Allocation
  • Expenditure Wrongly BookedNew
     [Hod/DDO immediately reconcile with Treasury]
  • HOD Wise Expenditure
  • Allocation & Expenditure based on Minor code
  • eVitran-Drill Down Budget Distribution Detail
  • For DDOs
  • DDO Wise Expenditure
  • DDO Wise Receipt (Challan)
  • *eSalary Employees (HOD/DDO/Desgwise) New
    *eSalary Employees (HOD/GroupWise)
    (as on date 01-08-2011)
    *AGHP-VLC DATA Download (For AG Office Only)
    Check>> Treasury wise Data Availability Status

  • Arrear Calculation - Others
  • Arrear with NPA - Doctors Only
  • Pension Fixation & Arrear (Pre-2006)