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Pay Calculator is not working ? .
  Check your browser settings. Working fine in IE. In IE version 8 , Open in compatibility mode.
    Check your popup blocker. As result will be displayed in new window.
Pay in Payband Mismatch ?
  In 90% cases system calculates the pay in the pay band correctly. In some cases it may differ.
    For such cases open fitment table and put corresponding value (col 2) of fitment table in optional field.
What to do in Promotion/ACP Case ?
  Calculate in Parts. Change Query Dates.
    Enter Pre-Revised and Revised Values and scale accordingly.
I Want my Increment in New Scale due on Jan,2006 ?
  My Basic pay as on 01/01/2006 was 4550 in (Pre 3120-5160.........Rev 5910-20200+1900)
    and Basic on 31/12/2005 was 4400 in (Pre 3120-5160.........Rev 5910-20200+1900)
      Check your payband pay as per fitment table against 4400 ie. 8190
      Calculate increment @3% of (8190+1900) =302.70 round to 310 and add 310 to 8190 =8500
      Your band pay on Jan,2006 will be Rs 8500
      Put this value (8500) in revised col and (4550) in Pre-revised col . Calculate arrear.
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