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Latest 50 Orders of Different Department
S.NDeptOrder DateOrder Description
( Order No/Year )
1HEDU24/03/2017 6857 / 2017-Sh. Khem Chand, Peon GSSS Baryara to GMS Sadoh U/C Baryara Vice Smt. Sarla Devi, Peon
2ELEM24/03/2017 626 / 2017-ORDERS AS ON 21.3.2017 SLN
3HFW24/03/2017 10382 / 2017-deputation order of Smt.Sonia Thakur,FHW
4HFW24/03/2017 10380 / 2017-Trf.order of Sh.Joginder&Smt.Rita,Class-IV
5ELEM24/03/2017 618 / 2017-transfer order of Smt. Vijay Kumari
6ELEM24/03/2017 617 / 2017-Transfer orders of Distt Solan dated 23.03.2017
7HEDU24/03/2017 6852 / 2017-Transfer of Vandana, AP Maths
8HEDU24/03/2017 6851 / 2017-Transfer of Raj Kumar, AP Hindi
9ELEM24/03/2017 614 / 2017-Transfer order of Distt. Bilaspur 24.03.2017
10ELEM24/03/2017 613 / 2017-order generated as on 20.03.2017 KGR
11HFW24/03/2017 10378 / 2017-transfer order of Versa Thakur, Ophthalmic Officer
12HFW23/03/2017 10375 / 2017-Cancellation order of Durgi &Revati ,S/K
13HFW23/03/2017 10377 / 2017-transfer order of Sushma Negi & Raksha Kher,Ward Sister
14HFW23/03/2017 10376 / 2017-cancellation of Depu. ord. of Sushma Negi,W/S
15ELEM23/03/2017 606 / 2017-Transfer orders of Distt. Una Himachal Pradesh Dated 23/03/2017
16HFW23/03/2017 10374 / 2017-CreationOfFollowingPostsForNewlyOpenedPHCDhamwari
17HFW23/03/2017 10155 / 2017-Adj. Order of Dr. Amita Chaudhary, MO dt. 15-2-17
18HEDU23/03/2017 6776 / 2017-Trf of Smt. Pooja Patti, PGT Biology from GSSS Morla to Taleli Distt Mandi vice Sh Pawan Kumar Lect. Biology.
19ELEM23/03/2017 604 / 2017-Approval CBA Dated 20.03.2017
20HEDU23/03/2017 6798 / 2017-Trf of Sh Ravi Kumar Sharma Lect. Sanskrit from GSSS Baldwara to GSSS Kot Hatli Distt Mandi.
21HEDU23/03/2017 6802 / 2017-Trf of Sh Hukum Chand PGT Physics (on contract) from GSSS Karkoh Distt Mandi to GSSS Saigaloo Distt Mandi vice Smt. Smt Reena Kumari,
22HEDU23/03/2017 6799 / 2017-Trf of Smt. Rekha Kumari Choudhary, Lect. Chemistry from GSSS Bhawarna Distt Kangra to GSSS Khera Distt Kangra vice Smt. Pawan Kajal,
23HEDU23/03/2017 6812 / 2017-Trf of Hira Lal PGT Biology GSSS Dhundan to GSSS Kunihar Distt Solan vice Smt. Monika Chaudhary,
24HEDU23/03/2017 6806 / 2017-Trf of Smt. Maya Devi Lect. Biology GSSS Kotsnore to GSSS Panarsa Distt Mandi vice Smt. Kavita Lect. Biology,
25HEDU23/03/2017 6796 / 2017-Trf of Sh Achharu Ram Lect. Chemistry from GSSS Cholthara to GSSS Jamni Distt Mandi vice Sh Balam Singh,
S.No.DeptEntry Date Notifications By Department (ALL)
1 IPR18 Mar 2017 IPR Deptt Seniority of Joint Direct...
2 HORT06 Jan 2017 Transfer order of DDH
3 HORT17 Dec 2016 MIDH Financial Matters
4 HORT16 Dec 2016 TO LA 15 Dec 2016
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