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Latest 50 Orders of Different Department
S.NDeptOrder DateOrder Description
( Order No/Year )
1AYUR26/04/2018 1622 / 2018-Trans. order of Dr. Pushap Lata ,HMO
2HFW26/04/2018 12514 / 2018-Adjustment Order of Dr. Surender Kumar, MO
3HFW26/04/2018 12515 / 2018-adjustment orders of Palmo Devi,FHW
4HFW26/04/2018 12513 / 2018-adjustemtnt orders of Santosh Katoch,FHW
5HFW26/04/2018 12512 / 2018-transfer orders of Poonam Sharma, Staff Nurse
6HFW26/04/2018 12511 / 2018-Trf.order of Sh.Bir Singh,Med Lab Tech Gr-II
7HFW26/04/2018 12510 / 2018-transfer order of Raj Pal & Deepak Kumar, Sweeper
8HFW26/04/2018 12508 / 2018-Trf.order of Sh.Taneshwar Singh&Smt.Roma Shavnam,Sr.Asstt
9HFW26/04/2018 12509 / 2018-transfer orders of Pooja, Staff Nurse
10HFW26/04/2018 12506 / 2018-transfer order of Lata Kumari, Staff Nurse
11HFW26/04/2018 12507 / 2018-Trf.order of Sh.Naresh Kumar,Pharmacist
12HFW26/04/2018 12504 / 2018-Adjustment order of Smt.Anita Kumari
13HFW26/04/2018 12505 / 2018-transfer order of Laiq Ram, OTA
14HFW26/04/2018 12503 / 2018-transfer orders of Sunil Kumar, Medical Lab. Tech. Gr. II
15HFW26/04/2018 12502 / 2018-Trf.order of Sh.Megh Singh,Chief Pharmacist
16HFW26/04/2018 12501 / 2018-tranfser orders of Seema Tomar, Pharmacist
17HFW25/04/2018 12182 / 2018-2-Promotion Order of Block Medical Officers
18HFW25/04/2018 12181 / 2018-1-Promotion Order of Block Medical Officers
19HFW25/04/2018 12085 / 2018-Transfer Order of Dr. Nirdosh Kumar Bhardwaj, BMO
20ELEM25/04/2018 2450 / 2018-orders as on 20.04.2018 Distt. Kangra JBTs Part-II
21ELEM25/04/2018 2476 / 2018-transfer orders of distt SLN dt 24.4.18
22ELEM25/04/2018 2306 / 2018-Bilaspur approval dated 29.03.18
23HFW25/04/2018 12500 / 2018-Trf.order of Smt.Khima & Mamta,FHWs
24ELEM25/04/2018 2479 / 2018-transfer shimla dated 24.4.18
25ELEM25/04/2018 2472 / 2018-Transfer order dated 24.04.2018
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