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Latest 50 Orders of Different Department
S.NDeptOrder DateOrder Description
( Order No/Year )
1ELEM29/05/2017 1239 / 2017-Transfer Order of Distt. Bilaspur 26-05-2017(JBT,HT)
2HFW29/05/2017 10787 / 2017-Adjustment Order of Dr. Ashirwad Assurdaney,MO
3HFW29/05/2017 10782 / 2017-Orders of Dr. Manjeet Singh Sen, MO
4HFW29/05/2017 10788 / 2017-Adjustment Order of Dr. Deepika Bharti, MO
5HEDU29/05/2017 7591 / 2017-Rajni Thakur Lect. Hindi from GSSS Mohal Kullu to GSSS Peej vice Meena Kapoor Lect. Hindi.
6HEDU29/05/2017 7577 / 2017-Shri MUnish Kumar, NCC Hamirpur
7HFW29/05/2017 10791 / 2017-Trf.order of Smt.Kamlesh&Bimla Sharma,Staff Nurse
8HEDU29/05/2017 7581 / 2017-Trf.of Sh.Manmohan Singh/Rajinder Ranaut, Lect. Eco.GSSS Dand(CBA) to GSSS Atiala Dai (KGR)
9ELEM29/05/2017 1237 / 2017-Transfer Order of Distt. Bilaspur 26-05-2017(Sneh Lata,JBT)
10HEDU29/05/2017 7584 / 2017-Trf of Sh Sanjeev Kumar Lect Physics GSSS Raili Jajri to GSSS Bijhari Distt (HMR) vice Sh Kishori Lal,
11HFW29/05/2017 10789 / 2017-Trf.order of Smt.Priti Kakkar,Staff Nurse
12HEDU29/05/2017 7578 / 2017-Trf of Sh Arun Kumar Lect. Maths GSSS Koserian to GSSS Bheri Distt Bilaspur vice Sh Brij Mohan,
13HEDU29/05/2017 7589 / 2017-trf of Sunil Dutt PGT Pol. Science Rangar(HMR) to (G) Ghumarwin(BLP)
14HEDU29/05/2017 7590 / 2017-trf of Lect. commerce Talai(BLP0 to ghagus(BLp)
15ELEM29/05/2017 1216 / 2017-trf orders of distt SLN dt. 26.5.17
16ELEM29/05/2017 1229 / 2017-ORDER AS ON 18.4.17 PROMOTION
17ELEM29/05/2017 1224 / 2017-orders as on 27.5.17 Kangra
18ELEM29/05/2017 1226 / 2017-KANGRA ORDER ON 27.5.17-II
19ELEM29/05/2017 1231 / 2017-continuation of order dated 09.5.2017 Kangra
20HFW29/05/2017 10783 / 2017-Promotion Order of Supdt. Gr.-I
21HFW29/05/2017 10786 / 2017-Trf.order of Sh.Bodh Raj & Sh.Beli Ram, MHS
22HEDU29/05/2017 7592 / 2017-trf of Shashi/Champa Lect. pol. science Delgi9SLN) to (G) Subathu(SLN)
23HFW29/05/2017 10777 / 2017-Ext.i n R/o Dr. Preeti,Abhishek & Mayur Barpugga
24HFW29/05/2017 10776 / 2017-Ext.in joining time in r/oDr.Tarun Prashar&Shilpa
25HFW29/05/2017 10749 / 2017-Corri.against Apptt.Of MOs appered on dated16-3-17
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