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Latest 50 Orders of Different Department
S.NDeptOrder DateOrder Description
( Order No/Year )
1HEDU07/10/2015 6105 / 2015-Transfer of Kanta, AP Hindi
2HFW07/10/2015 7208 / 2015-2015-Deputation of Sh.Vikas Kumar,DM
3HEDU07/10/2015 6104 / 2015-Transfer of Raj Kumar and Dayak Ram, AP Hindi
4HFW07/10/2015 7204 / 2015-Transfer Order of Dr. Manjit Seghal, MO dt. 06/10/15
5HFW07/10/2015 7206 / 2015-Cancellation order of Dr. Pankaj Kumar, MO 6/10/15
6HFW06/10/2015 7203 / 2015-Transfer Order of Dr. Puneet Prashar, MO dt. 06/10/15
7HFW06/10/2015 7207 / 2015-Orders of Dr. Anil Kumar, MO
8AYUR06/10/2015 762 / 2015-Trans. order of Dr. Gaurav Kumar & Dr. Savita Kumari AMOs
9HFW06/10/2015 7205 / 2015-transfer order of promila devi, Peon
10HFW06/10/2015 7202 / 2015-extension in joining time of Meera Pandit, Matron
11HFW06/10/2015 7201 / 2015-deputation order of Sharmila, Staff Nurse
12HFW06/10/2015 7200 / 2015-transfer order of Neena Thakur,Staff Nurse
13HFW06/10/2015 7199 / 2015-deputation order of Rama Sharma, Staff Nurse
14HFW06/10/2015 7197 / 2015-transfer order of Babli & Sushma, Midwife
15HFW06/10/2015 7196 / 2015-transfer order of Sanjeev & Hemraj, Sr. Asstt.
16HFW06/10/2015 7195 / 2015-transfer order of Satya Verma,FHS
17HFW06/10/2015 7193 / 2015-transfer order of Satya Verma, FHS
18HFW06/10/2015 7192 / 2015-transfer order of Avinash Thakur, Staff Nurse
19HFW05/10/2015 7172 / 2015-Ext.in joining time in r/o Dr. Sandeep Singh, MO
20HFW05/10/2015 7191 / 2015-Trf.order of Smt.Sanjog Negi & Smt.Shiksha Sharma,FHW
21HFW05/10/2015 7190 / 2015-transfer order of Vinod Kumar, Pharmacist
22HFW05/10/2015 7175 / 2015-Adj. Order of Dr. Salooni Sood, MO (Anesthesia)
23HFW05/10/2015 7167 / 2015-Transfer Order of Dr. Amitabh Sharma & Dr. Tanmay Kaprate, MO Dental 3-10-15
24HFW05/10/2015 7170 / 2015-Adjustment Order of Dr. Arun Kumar, MO (ENT)
25HFW05/10/2015 7189 / 2015-Trf.order of Sh.Roop Lal & Smt.Preeti ,Class-IV
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