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Latest 50 Orders of Different Department
S.NDeptOrder DateOrder Description
( Order No/Year )
1HFW28/08/2014 4664 / 2014-Termination of Dr. Ashish Saklani
3AYUR28/08/2014 581 / 2014-Trans.order of Dr. Renu Bala AMO & Rakesh Thakur AMO
4AYUR28/08/2014 579 / 2014-Trans. order of Dr.Hem Raj, AMO
5HEDU28/08/2014 5493 / 2014-Trf of Smt Geeta Devi Peon GSSS Joh(Una)
6HEDU28/08/2014 5492 / 2014-Transfer Sh.Bahadur Singh,LA,GBSSS-Nadaun to GSSS-Amlehar(HMR)
7AYUR28/08/2014 578 / 2014-trnsf. of Udhapal, Yash Pal and Dharampal, AMOs
8HEDU28/08/2014 5466 / 2014-Sandeep, PGT Chem. (Kgr/Una)
9ELEM28/08/2014 45 / 2014-Transfer of Puran Chand,HT GPS Chordu Dangore (Chadiar Block) District Kangra
10ELEM28/08/2014 54 / 2014-Inter-District Transfer Order in r/o Sh Som Dutt JBT from P/s Sachi Tirmali(Smr) to P/s Bukhar(Bls)
11HEDU28/08/2014 5479 / 2014-Trf.Smt. Parmeeta, Lect(Hindi) from GSSS Kathog(Kgr) to Pragpur(Kgr)
12ELEM28/08/2014 53 / 2014-Inter-District Transfer Order in r/o Sh Krishan Baldev JBT from P/s Khalando(Smr) to P/s Lohakhar(Hmr)
13HEDU28/08/2014 5488 / 2014-EDN-MND,Transfer of Smt.Rameshwari Devi Peonfrom GSSS Gohar to GMS Tilli vice Smt. Mathra Devi Peon
14HFW27/08/2014 4658 / 2014-Promotion order of Dr.Pamposh Rana in IGMC Shimla
15HFW27/08/2014 4661 / 2014-Trf. order of Veena Ashghar, W/Sister.
16HFW27/08/2014 4659 / 2014-Trf. order of Suresh Kumar, Clerk.
17HEDU27/08/2014 5486 / 2014-Tfr. of Rekha Devi & Shri R.K. Shukla, A.P. Maths
18HFW27/08/2014 4657 / 2014-Transfer order of Shimla Devi & Madhu Bala,FHWs.
19HFW27/08/2014 4656 / 2014-Trf. of Sailly Kanwar &Poonam, Staff Nurses.
20HFW26/08/2014 4655 / 2014-Transfer order of Padam Chand Thakur Driver.
21HEDU26/08/2014 5478 / 2014-Reg. can. of tfr. order of Mahi Yogesh, A.P. Engli
22HFW26/08/2014 4654 / 2014-Cancellation order of Dr. Umesh Gautam, MO
23HEDU26/08/2014 5484 / 2014-Trf of Smt Neelam Kumari Peon GSSS Ispur (Una)
24HFW26/08/2014 4653 / 2014-Can. of deputation order of Nisha Kumari, S/N.
25HFW26/08/2014 4652 / 2014-Transfer order of Pushpa Manta,Staff Nurse.
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