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About Us
The Department of Economics and Statistics in Himachal Pradesh is functioning since the year 1955-56.The Directorate of Economics & Statistics came into being with the objective to advise the state government on Economic and statistical matters for formulation of policies and plan. The mandate of the department is to assess the economic development of the state through the estimation of State Domestic product/presentation of economic scenario of the state through fact and figures, census and survey & studies.

Training Calender, 2016-17

Functions of the Department

Training Manual

The subject allotted to this department according to “The Business of the Government (Allocation) Rules 1971” are as below:-

  • State Income estimation (GSDP/PCI)
  • Public Finance
  • Socio-Economic Surveys
  • Rural Development statistics
  • Census of H.P. Employees
  • Official Statistics
  • Prices Statistics
  • Labour Statistics
  • Statistical Training
  • Evaluation of Programmes
  • Co-ordination between Statistical work of other departments
  • Establishment, budget & account matters
  • Classification of H.P. Government budget and budget of local bodies

Besides above the department was allotted some additional subjects after the year 1971:-

  • National Sample Survey
  • Tribal research/studies
  • Housing & Building Statistics
  • Capital Formation
  • Collection of all types of statistics at block level
  • Index of Industrial Production
  • Computerisation of data
  • District Income Estimation
  • Compilation of Pensioner’s data.
  • Economic Census

The main functions of the Department is to build firm and broad data bank for the Pradesh so as to serve as useful data base for all plan and policy formulations, bring out the estimates of GSDP/State Income and the economic growth, conduct of various studies and Surveys and coordinate various Statistical activities of different departments in the state.

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