"Himachal Pradesh Online Factory Registration Information System."
The OFRIS (Online Factory Registration Information System) is an automated web-based system which offers facilities for online submission of application for Building Plan approval & Factory Registration in an automated and work-flow manner thereby helping in the reduction of time span in the registration besides making the applicant aware about the status at each stage during the process.
  • To offer an automated & transparent interface for the approval of building plan and factory registration thereby ensuring to streamline the functioning of the whole process.
  • Reduce the time span in the registration process factories and buildings plan approvals leading to in time completion of the job.
  • Help department and factory owners to ascertain the status of application submitted and action being taken at every stage of the process.
  • Offer an online interface for uploading of documents and have online correspondence/messages with the department.
  • Doing away the needs to visit the Office of Labour & Employment not only during the process of registration but also at the time of renewal.
  • Fair, transparent and in time process of registration to the satisfaction of all.
  • To implement the provisions of State Labour Inspection Policy regarding online submission of inspection report within 24 hours and System generated Allocation of inspections to inspecting Authority.
Already Registered Units must Submit Basic Registration Detail(Form1, Form3) Online For Verification by Department immediately and accordingly apply for renewal of licence online, so as to avoid legal action.
A system generated Licence is Available for Factories to Download after Login into OFRIS. In order to get Signed Copy of Licence through email, Kindly email Us at email-id: Deputy Director HQ(Factory Wing)
For Feedback/Suggestion regarding OFRIS Kindly email to OFRIS Team
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  • Building Plan Approval : 2762
  • Factory Registration :2572
  • Factory Renwal : 6617
  • Factory Amendment : 550
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